14 Feb, 2022

Reasons why Ahmedabad is the best city to invest in property

commercial property in ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing cities in India. In the whole of Gujarat, it is the city with the largest and most important hub for trade and commerce. It is also driven by other industries such as engineering, chemical, textile and automobile. This first Indian city, which got its recognition as UNESCO’s World Heritage City in 2017, is proudly labelled as ‘home’ by almost seven million people. Now, since the city has started earning a higher annual growth rate, investing here will most certainly pay off handsomely in the future. With RERA compliance, the sale of properties in Ahmedabad has seen an upliftment over the years.

The city’s rapid growth has attracted a large number of investors from throughout the country to invest in its real estate market. A beautiful blend of old Indian traditions and new technical breakthroughs may be found at their best here. According to several opinion polls and surveys (Source: Link) conducted, it is one of the safest places to live. In all of Gujarat’s major cities, safety is the biggest plus point. Ahmedabad too is regarded as a safe city for women. It is also a city with a startup-friendly atmosphere, which has a significant positive impact on the state’s economic ecosystem. Let’s look at the factors that make this clean, green and opulent city a great destination to invest in real estate.

Cultural Beauty with Modernity:

Ahmedabad is the ideal city to invest in because of its abundant growth potential and excellent balance of modern convenience and cultural beauty. Moreover, it is also going to turn into one of the smart cities of the country, so one can expect increased connectivity, inclusiveness and efficiency that will help it bring it close to other metro cities.

Investor-Friendly Base:

It is one of India’s few cities with both an investor-friendly environment and a high number of investors. The city is dominated by private investors, with an active investor base, this is thriving in the city’s real estate market.

Commercial Growth:

One of the key reasons why Ahmedabad is a wonderful place to invest in real estate is the city’s rapid commercial growth. Many new sectors, such as BPOs, KPOs, IT firms, multinational corporations and so on, are springing up in the city, driving up real estate prices in the commercial sector.

The growing presence of several international and worldwide firms in Ahmedabad is driving up demand for residential and commercial real estate in the city. You can also get a good return on investment by investing in Ahmedabad commercial real estate.

Architectural Mix:

Ahmedabad’s architecture is diverse, ranging from ancient history to contemporary design. Modern architecture can be seen alongside Mughal architecture.

This city’s unique mix of past and modern makes it a great place to invest in real estate.

Overall Infrastructural Development:

The city’s excellent connections and infrastructure, like roads, expressways, and metro developments, have aided its expansion. One such brilliant role is played by the reliable supply of electricity and water due to which, several organisations have chosen Ahmedabad as their headquarters.

When compared to other cities, the cost of conducting business in Ahmedabad is significantly lower. This is an enticing feat.

Rising Economic Growth:

The proposed bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad will provide a super-fast and pleasant commute to the nation’s economic hub. This will open up a variety of alternatives, including lower-cost housing, industrial units, and logistical hubs along the train’s route.

This will eventually aid in the city’s economic growth, which has been sluggish in recent quarters. It will also open up several opportunities in smaller towns and cities, luring new facilities and investments for NRIs considering relocating to India in the future as well.

With these plentiful growth opportunities that aim to meet the perfect blend of modern convenience and cultural charm, Ahmedabad makes it a perfect city to invest in. Some of the best areas that we suggest are Ring Road, South Bopal, Bopal, Prahladnagar, Satellite, Bodakdev, SG Highway, Thaltej (Ahmedabad) and GIFT City (Gandhinagar).

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