15 Mar, 2022

Creating a tradition of luxury, one building at a time

flats in science city ahmedabad

The luxurious segment of Ahmedabad has been growing rapidly in the past few years. The real estate sector is now showing signs of growth and both investors as well as homeowners are now investing in luxurious real estate.

With more and more MNCs setting up their divisions in Ahmedabad, the city is moving towards a cosmopolitan future. It is against this background that we’ve built our projects that have not only contributed to the skyline of Ahmedabad, but also helped us build long-standing relationships.

What exactly do you mean by luxury?

Years ago, luxury constituted products or services that only the aristocratic people could afford to buy. In other words, everything that was expensive was automatically perceived as luxurious.

However, this definition has changed over time. Today, luxury has moved beyond just the price. It includes excellent quality, as well as elegant taste. Luxury is now about a story, an attitude that everyone strives to possess but not everyone can own.

Therefore, luxury is exclusive.

Interesting. How else has luxury changed over the years?

A couple of decades ago, luxury was also linked to choice. In a multitude of product categories, there are only a handful of brands.  And you had to make do with what you got.

In contrast, choice is not only common, it is expected in the current times. There are a plethora of brands that compete for the consumer’s attention. And they must promise quality and excellence to even be considered.

In short, choice is no longer a luxury. It is a given.

Does that mean there are many choices in real estate too?

Yes! There are buildings being set up in almost every area of Ahmedabad these days. Simply taking a walk in your neighbourhood is likely to reveal a site where a building is being constructed.

As more and more first-time homeowners buy houses, the field of real estate expands and adapts in order to meet the demand.

That’s why, there are so many new luxurious buildings being established in Ahmedabad.

So, what sets you apart?

At Lionarc, we don’t just create spaces based on what is luxurious today. We aim to create spaces that are inspired from historic landmarks, with details that stay elegant forever.

And when these fine details meet modern amenities, they create homes and commercial spaces that you would be proud to leave as a legacy. Where your future generations can live, work, grow, and thrive.

In a similar fashion, we pay a lot of attention to the location that we choose for our projects. For commercial spaces, we ensure an abundance of connectivity. Along with an outer facade that’s sure to give your business an impressive address, we’re also keen on establishing them at the heart of everything.

To sum up, we choose locations that take your business to the next level.

For residential spaces, on the other hand, comfort and serenity is also a priority. That’s why we choose unprecedented locations, so that we can offer thrilling, panoramic views of the city that maximise your sense of space. Just as these homes are close to conveniences, they are also exclusive and private. Spaces where you can unwind, relax, and enjoy with your loved ones.

In fact, we strive to find locations that are sure to thrive and become a happening nexus in the near future.

Additionally, most of our projects are designed by the renowned architect Apurva Amin. This means that the experience of our buildings is thoughtful and coherent, from the striking designs of the buildings themselves, to the carefully curated details.

And when it comes to amenities, we tend to go the extra mile.

From a lush walking track to a fully-equipped gymnasium, there’s space to reach your fitness goals. And a party lawn as well as a multi-spacious hall, so that there’s space for all your everyday and monumental celebrations. While your parents can meet their friends for an evening catch-up at the seating area, your children can spend carefree hours at the play area. There’s something for each member of your family, at our properties.

Because at Lionarc Group, we don’t believe in creating monuments.

We create real homes that are comfortable and familiar. Where majestic luxury and fine details are juxtaposed with nooks where you can comfortably curl up after a long day.

If you are looking for a luxurious home that is spacious enough to comfortably hold all your memories and elegant enough to catch up with your happening lifestyle, The August is for you. Connect with us to explore how you can make these abundantly luxurious flats your home.

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